The 5 most read, watched, and shared articles of 2020!

The articles that moved you, showed you the future, and helped you find more wonder during the weirdest year of our lives. If you’ve yet to enjoy each of these 5 yet, make sure you start the new year with these perspectives in your back pocket!


1. A simple tool for a more joyful day

12 minutes

The Secret Power of Checklists

The fastest way to start reducing your stress and increasing productivity doesn't require any expensive new planners or apps. All you need to start working with the accuracy skill of a doctor or an astronaut is a piece of paper and a pen!

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2. Celebrating the amazing kids out there

20 minutes

Kid President Returns to Keep Us Celebrating!

If you're searching for a glimmer of light on the web and proof our future is good hands, don't fret: Kid President is back and taking us on a road trip to meet other awesome kids around the United States! 

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3. Peering into space like never before

20 minutes

Where Do Those Psychedelic Images of Space Come From?

You've probably seen those psychedelic images from space; colorful clouds of swirling dust, galaxies colliding, and stars being born. But where do those images come from? How are they made? And does space seriously look like that?!

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4. An easy trick to finding what feeds your soul

17 minutes

Ask Yourself These Three Questions and They Can Change Your Life!

What if three questions could help us live happier lives filled with more joy and meaning? The answers to these questions have the power to change the way we interact with our loved ones, do our work, and live a more fulfilled existence together!

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5. The innovation that’s bringing stories to life

18 minutes

Goodbye, Green Screen — Here’s the Tech That’s Changing Film Forever!

Movies have a way of taking us on journeys we could not have gone on without them. Now, those journeys just got a whole lot more real! We’re traveling to a galaxy far far away and discovering an other-worldly way of storytelling for at-home audiences everywhere!

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We’re so excited to see what amazing innovations and thought leaders come to the surface in 2021. Wishing you the happiest new year!

— The EWC Team!

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