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I am excited to share with you my conversation with Drew Dudley, a renowned international leadership speaker, bestselling author, and the creator of the TED talk “Everyday Leadership (The Lollipop Moment).” Drew is known as a dynamic keynote speaker heard already by over 250,000 people across 5 continents. He has been featured on The Huffington Post, Radio America,, and, where his TED talk was recognized as one of the “7 TED Talks That Will Make You a Better Leader.” Today, Drew and I will talk about an important aspect of leadership that you don’t want to miss.

Let’s tune in and learn why the best leaders don’t know all the answers!

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[00:01 – 05:53] Opening Segment

  • Let’s get to know Drew Dudley
  • His path as a leadership speaker
    • What’s leadership for Drew?

[05:54 – 19:14] Powerful Little Acts of Leadership

  • The good things are actually the little things
    • Drew explains
  • Drew talks about this interesting act of leadership
  • He gives his insights about this dismissive, diminishing act
  • Don’t miss Drew’s tips to do good things consciously
  • You are more than what you think about yourself
    • Drew explains

[19:15 – 34:12] Confidence vs. Courage

  • Drew shares his insights about “everyday leadership”
  • What does open-mindedness mean for Drew?
  • How to not recognize imperfections
  • Confidence vs. Courage
    • Which sets leaders apart from others?
    • What kind of leader should you avoid?
  • Drew talks about people’s characters and how they are revealed

[34:13 – 47:57] The “Diminisher” That We Should Avoid

  • The basic unit of human understanding
  • Drew talks about this word he calls a “diminisher”
  • He talks about the writing process of his best-selling book
  • How to change our perspectives through everyday leadership
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[47:58 – 57:32] Decisive vs. Certain

  • Drew gives his insights about being a positive influence in the world
  • We are not present in our most significant moments
    • Drew explains
  • How to recognize the leader in the person
  • Decisive vs. Certain
    • Be in charge of who you are

[57:33 – 01:07:49] The Best Leaders

  • Drew shares his insights about pain
  • He talks about this key quality among the best leaders
  • “Why do you matter?”
    • Why ask this question?
  • Drew tells us why hope is such a powerful force in the world
  • He walks us through the nature of his work

[01:07:50 – 01:13:55] Closing Segment

  • Connect with Drew. See links below
  • Final words and announcements

Tweetable Quotes:

“The key idea is to pick something to stand for and believe in in this world, but never let go of the idea that one extraordinary 30-minute conversation could change what you believe.” – Drew Dudley

“What’s true about your character isn’t announced, it’s demonstrated.” – Drew Dudley

“You can be decisive but you can never truly be certain.” – Drew Dudley


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