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Today’s guest is Dan Diamond, MD, a renowned thought leader on how leadership looks like in emergency situations. He’s become a first responder to disasters across the globe from Hurricane Katrina to the Haitian Earthquake. Most recently, he responded to a typhoon in the Philippines. Dr. Diamond is focused on bringing out the best in these difficult times.

Let’s dive into his story to shine bright like a diamond under pressure.


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[00:01 – 06:42] Opening Segment

  • We welcome our guest for today, Dan Diamond, MD
  • Dan shares his background and how his journey in disaster response started
  • Dan tells us the importance of being curious about other people’s reality

[06:43 – 14:02] Making Yourself Closer to Other People

  • Dan talks about the model he developed to explain why people respond differently to pressure-packed situations like disasters
    • The model includes four different mindsets. Learn what kind of mindset you have! See the model below
  • Dan shares the one, single word that has the most impact on his thinking
  • He talks about how we can talk with people who are different from us
    • He shares what a 3-2-1-0 question is.

[14:03 – 28:48] Shine Bright Like a Diamond Under Pressure

  • Dan talks about the importance of listening to other people’s experiences and the need to reinforce, recognize, and celebrate them.
  • He shares his “radically different” experience in the Philippines and why his words for his experience there is “tender mercy”
  • He talks about the people’s ability to choose their reactions to difficult situations and thrive on them
  • Dan shares some tips to apply self-compassion that you don’t want to miss!

[28:49 – 38:08] Deciding Through a Straw

  • Dan talks about his newfound appreciation for tunnel vision, tunnel hearing, and tunnel thinking
  • He talks about the secrets to train our minds in overcoming moments of panic.

[38:09 – 49:45] Closing Segment

  • Dan shares how and when we can make light of pressure-packed situations to come up with solutions
  • He talks about the reason he believes that the world is still amazing
  • Connect with Dan. See links below
  • Final words and announcements

Tweetable Quotes:

“Not everybody sees the world the same way that we see it.” – Dan Diamond, MD

“If I want to understand the world with depth, I need to spend time with people that are different than I am.” – Dan Diamond, MD

“You are not the only one that’s suffering with this. We are in this together.” – Dan Diamond, MD

Resources Mentioned:

You can email Dan Diamond, MD at [email protected] or connect with him on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram. Listen to his podcast. Visit his website

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