At first glance, this strange creature may look like an angry clown who you just cut in line at the grocery store, but get ready to be amazed and join us for an adventure to the ocean floor. I can’t think of anything better qualified to help us find more wonder and joy in our lives!

Everyone, may I introduce you to the batfish: a wonder dressed in an armor of keratin who’s about to knock your socks off and remind you that truly anything is possible.

Image: A batfish. They are very hard to describe. It looks nothing like a bat nor a fish, more like a plane with lipstick.

Source: Wikimedia

The beauty and grace of the batfish!

Don’t be fooled: although the beautiful red-lipped batfish in the photo above may seem like it’s about to angrily take flight, these bats can’t fly. In fact, they can’t even really swim all that well, either.

Right when you think you’ve seen all the possible ocean creature variations, another one appears from the seafloor, scooting along on their limb-like pectoral fins, giving off some seriously curious vibes. At least, the one we’re about to meet does! Oh and just wait until you see their biggest trick! I… well, to say I didn’t expect it would be an understatement.

The very funny Ze Frank met up with some marine biologists to learn more about these unique pals—here’s what he discovered:

Via: zefrank1 1

Aren’t they amazing? Can you believe what pops out of their face?! For more hilarious looks into the creatures who share this world with us, make sure you explore Ze Frank’s YouTube channel!

And did you catch those sea robins?! My jaw dropped when I saw those tickling legs! If you’d like to learn more about what they’re up to, check this out.

For a reminder that anything’s possible, you just need to look a bit closer at the natural world!

There are creatures who can grow their limbs back, smell through time, surf, and even eat bones! Where there’s a will there’s a way, and if anyone’s proven it, all you really need to do is look in the mirror. I mean, to a batfish, you look pretty weird, too!

You and I are the result of life figuring itself out—with our handy-dandy thumbs and conscious thoughts—but sometimes it takes discovering how other creatures have evolved together to truly appreciate who and what we are.

If you’d like to keep exploring more of those funky beings around us, here are a few of my favorites also living their lives in the saltwater!

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