Can our “unusual” abilities actually be our greatest strengths? The fish you’re about to meet have turned everything we know about their species on its head! Prepare for these intriguing creatures to walk—that’s right, walk—into your heart as you discover why these aquatic icons like to take a trip out of the water every now and then.

Most of us would never stumble upon a fish laying in the mud and think that it was okay. But if you come across any of these five species, your first instinct would be wrong!

Sometimes, the things we’ve believed our entire lives are only a snippet of reality. Just like sometimes, fish can walk right out of the water to get their favorite snack. Join me to discover why!

Forget what you think you know about fish! These finned water-dwellers are amphibious—yes, like a frog.

Some of these slippery innovators are able to breathe air using lungs, travel by land to a new pond when theirs gets too crowded, and escape predators by jumping to the beach. They skip, jump, slide, and wriggle their way through the terrestrial land, shredding any concept of what a fish can do as they go.

I’ll leave it to the fantastic creators at TED-Ed to introduce you to these trendsetters’ antics!

Via: TED-Ed 1

Delight in more wonders of our world with TED-Ed over on their YouTube Channel!

Being different really has its advantages!

These fish have clearly evolved to embrace a different lifestyle from the rest of their brethren in the pond, and it’s working for them! Maybe we could learn a few things from these fish out of water, eh?

What if your own differences from your peers actually give you a leg up? What if we let our outlook of life and ourselves evolve into new, and more advantageous, places?

Now, I’m pretty sure you won’t be able to pull out a skill like these fish—I mean, you aren’t about to sprout gills and breathe underwater (are you?). But I’m willing to guess that you’ve felt different from those around you at least once or twice in your life.

Were you born without arms and can play a mean guitar riff with your toes? Are you colorblind but can hear the hues around you? Do you love your alone time and the sound of silence? There are ways that every one of us can look at our strengths—even those disguised as weaknesses—to uncover our most outstanding paths.

Even if that means choosing differently than those in our ponds.

Just because we’ve been shown one way to do things our entire life, doesn’t mean that it’s the only trail that we can take.

Every one of us is an innovator at heart. The more that we embrace this, the better off that we’ll be! Maybe one day, we’ll all be fish out of water.

Stay open to new possibilities!

  • Sam

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