How often do we work to hide what we were told, long ago in childhood, that makes us “weird”? After years of keeping his own unique abilities under wraps, Troy James finally shared his special talents with the world. Since then, his life has changed completely! Here’s how his story might inspire a new twist on your own!

Bend over backward and quickly skitter across the floor on your hands and feet, and maybe you’ll have an idea of how Troy James sees the world.

A contortionist from birth, Troy, AKA “Twisty,” is able to move his body in ways that are a bit… unnatural—to the rest of us, at least. It took years for him to tell people about his unique ability, but once his talents were embraced by Hollywood, these skills he was once ashamed of became his calling card.

Whether or not you’ve uncovered your very special ability yet, you’re sure going to be thankful that Troy James embraced his! By owning his power, Troy has brought the unimaginable to life, both in his personal life and in the creepy-crawlies on the big screen.

So, hook your ankles behind your neck and settle in—we’ve got one heck of a superpower to share with you today!

Image: Troy James crouching with his arms twisted behind his head.

Photo courtesy of Simon Needham

From teased to treasured!

After years of being bullied over the way he could move his body and then hiding his skills completely, Troy James is cashing in on it big time. He has found a unique niche in film and television as the person to call when you want to bring a horror, sci-fi, or fantastical beast to life. If you need somebody to move in extra-human ways, Troy’s your go-to guy.

For most of his life, he had hidden this ability away. It wasn’t until a friend posted a video of him walking upside down on all fours onto social media that he was discovered, and the rest has been history. But what’s been more important than discovering a new career path for Troy has been the chance to celebrate something so unique in himself.

Here’s Troy filling us in on how his unique trajectory has had an impact on his life in a fantastic feature from Great Big Story!

Isn’t he amazing?! You can follow what Troy James is up to over on Instagram and Facebook!

Dive into an endless oasis of real-life tales that’ll leave a smile on your face by visiting Great Big Story’s full library over on YouTube!

So, what’s your superpower?

Are you a whiz in the kitchen? A master organizer? A speaker who can fully captivate your audience? Maybe you can quiet any crying baby or sell pants to a horse? What about math—are you one of those folks who can perform equations with just a few seconds of thought?

Was there something that you just naturally did as a child that you stopped doing because others made you feel uncomfortable? Could it even be that thing your parents always told you not to do?

While it may not be as obvious as Troy’s bendy talent, your talents are just as amazing. Keep your mind open for that thing—the one that comes naturally, that celebrates you at your core. And if you’ve already found it, help a young person, child, or mentee in your life do the same!

Pay attention when your world just feels right and then replicate that over and over and over again. Embrace it! But don’t keep it to yourself; tell your friends, invite them to revel in who you are as well. Surely, you’ll be the one to inspire them to do the same for themselves.

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As always, my friend, stay open to new possibilities!

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