#HelpfulNow: How To Spread Positivity

Hey folks!

Many of us have been wondering what we can do to be helpful now during this time of social distancing and unease about COVID-19, and we’ve got an answer!

We’re starting the #HelpfulNow challenge, a way to spread positivity and a little inspiration to help others come up with creative ways to be as #helpfulnow as they can!

What would the world look like, every day through this time of uncertainty, if we put our focus not on what we can’t do right now but what we can do?

A virus isn’t the only thing that can go viral—joy, inspiration, curiosity, and helpfulness can spread just as fast. We each have a lot of control over what happens when times get rough. Doing whatever we can to be #HelpfulNow and sharing what we’re up to with our community sparks a wave of positivity that can bring us all together! So, that’s why we’re challenging you to do this:

Join us in helping others find ways they can be helpful right now by taking a short video of whatever you’re doing!

Whether you’re coming up with fun games with your kids, getting creative in the kitchen, teaching your family members the ins and outs of technology, using your art to entertain or raise donations, or you have an established a routine that’s helping you out, tell us all about it!

Use #HelpfulNow in your posts, tag us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter and then, most importantly, challenge 3 other people to share what they’ve been up to to be #HelpfulNow!

The world may kind of feel like a deck of cards thrown up in the air. But now, we’re left to pick up a new hand. As devastating at this is, we each have a choice to either sit dumbstruck looking at the mess of things or pick up new cards and start cleverly playing the new hand we’ve got. What do you want to do? Will you join us in building a brighter future, together?

“In almost every situation, there are things to be grateful for!”
— Dr. Lynda

Stay safe, supportive, curious, and creative,

With love,

The EWC crew; Dr. Lynda, Chuck, Liesl, Sam, Renee, Callie, Brittany, and Owen!

Dr. Lynda is a dentist, artist, global traveler, and philanthropist who looks for potential and shares it with the world. Hear her latest conversations with thought leaders on the Conspiracy of Goodness Podcast--new episodes every Wednesday!