Our future is in good hands! There are brilliant young people around the world challenging the status quo for the better, fueled by curiosity and a drive for knowledge. Let us introduce you to one of these remarkable people; here’s the story of Sam.

Right now, the next Albert Einstein, Leonardo Da Vinci, Martin Luther King, and Maya Angelou are sitting in classrooms. They are our future world-changing artists, scientists, and activists. But how do we truly support these young minds? How do we celebrate kids’ curiosity and knack for asking the questions that need to be answered?

Let us introduce you to a young man named Sam. With a dream of becoming a marine biologist, his spirit is a great reminder that our brighter future is secure in the hands of brilliant kids like him.

Image: Sam underwater

In the Shadow of Hinkley Point

On the Somerset coast in southwestern England looms the massive complex of Hinkley Point nuclear power station. The first nuclear power station at Hinkley Point went online in 1965, and since has been bolstering the local economy and bringing electricity to England.

In 2018, the station began work on a massive new project, Hinkley Point C. It was an ambitious plan and the first nuclear power station in the UK to be built in over twenty years. The plan itself divided many people and came with its own share of questions. Would the design of the reactor even work? How do you fund such an enormous project? What is the impact on the surrounding environment? 1

As of the publishing of this article, the project is still ongoing and is running 2.9 billion pounds over budget, with a total cost expected to run up to 22.5 billion. 2

This is where our friend Sam enters the scene.

To the casual passerby, he appears to be an average 11-year-old. But as soon as he starts talking, you quickly realize there’s something a bit different about him. He is driven by something more than your average middle schooler. He has the kind of wisdom and curiosity most of us can only dream of cultivating as we age.

His story is a beautiful reminder of what’s possible when we foster bright young minds and is a beacon of hope for our future. Let’s get to meet him in this beautiful film by Ömer Sami and The Guardian.

If you want to see more work from Ömer, check out his Vimeo page or his website. We had the chance to see this film screened at the Camden International Film Festival, where we were able to hear more from Ömer and a little bit more about Sam’s story.

When we reached out to Ömer he had this update about Sam to share:

Sam didn’t end up being offered funding, so he went to a small state school, Brymore, which has a more hands-on approach to learning. He is thriving there and loving it, and can now see many other paths towards doing what he wants to do.

Supporting Young Minds

How many Sams are out there?

If we look around today, there are so many examples of empowered young people leading large-scale change. We are living in a time where the brilliance of young people can, and is, impacting the world. They are no longer waiting for their turn to “grow up” in order to make a change; they are questioning and asking “Why not me, why not now?”

These young people don’t have to be leading protests on a global scale; they are also hard at work in our local communities. And, it takes a village to support them.

Think about the brilliant kids you run into in your own communities. We’ve met the 3rd grader who is curious beyond her years, we’ve seen about the valedictorian that is reaching for the highest levels of academia despite a challenging family life and we’ve heard about the boy who has lead the successful fundraiser after the latest natural disaster. It’s our job to ask, how can we support them?

Whether we become mentors, coaches, teachers, or even just a friend, every young person needs at least one adult that believes in them to achieve their potential.

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Our future is dependent on all of us supporting the talents and gifts of young people. There are young geniuses all around us. What can we do to be a part of the community that helps them succeed?

Stay beautiful & keep laughing!


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