Happy holidays from the Ever Widening Circles team! This is the time of year when the #ConspiracyofGoodness is out in full force. From kindness shared with our communities to days spent with our loved ones, look around and you’ll find endless ways people are making the world a little brighter for those around them.

A big part of the holiday season for many people is gift-giving. From tokens big and small of our affection for others, there are ways you can be helping to support #ConspiracyofGoodness with your gifts this year!

There are endless companies hard at work doing good with the products they make, focusing on sustainable manufacturing and utilizing their businesses to uplift communities around the globe. And this year, we’re making it easier than ever for you to explore what these incredible organizations are offering and support their missions to make the world better while also creating great products.

Explore 8 businesses in the #ConspiracyofGoodness that you can support this year (and maybe get a nice percentage off your purchases) with our 2019 gift guide below! 

*Note: We are not sponsored by any of these companies, though many have been long supporters of the Ever Widening Circles’ mission. Our goal with this gift guide is to make sustainable and conscientious shopping easier for everyone!

Five North Chocolate

Five North Chocolate has been a long-time friend of Ever Widening Circles. They make delicious, Fair Trade Certified snacks that would make a great addition to your holiday festivities!

Everybody loves a little chocolate, so why not make snacking a little better for the world, too?

In their words…

Located five degrees north of the equator, West Africa grows more than 2/3 of the world’s cacao. At Five North Chocolate®, we’re committed to creating healthy Fair Trade Certified™ snacks, empowering farmers, and celebrating diversity! And we’re the first brand ever to feature the National LGBT Chamber of Commerce seal on a packaged good! Snack happy 🙂

If you’re looking to share some sweet treats this year you can receive 15% off until December 31st using the coupon code: EWC15


RoHo is a great example of how our purchases can help directly support communities around the world! Your RoHo purchase supports the work of artisans in Kenya and their families, helping send their children to school, and supporting over 400 artisans!

In their words…

RoHo is committed to creating opportunities for talented artisans in Kenya to help themselves.

RoHo has partnered with over four artisan groups comprising of 400 artisans, 95% of which are women. Beyond paying their artisans upwards of 50% higher than the industry standard, RoHo also provides education grants to send artisans’ children to quality local schools.

RoHo’s line includes beaded leather sandals, cowhide bags and accessories as well as jewelry.

You can receive 15% off your purchase this holiday season if you use the coupon code: GOODNESS15

Bellcate School Dog Treats

What holiday gift guide would be complete without something for your pup! Bellcate is a remarkable school that works with students with a wide range of learning needs. Their dog treats business helps students with special needs to develop business and employment skills. We are big fans of theirs, and Finn, the Ever Widening Circles dog, loves these treats.

In their words…

Special education students with disabilities need meaningful education and employment and your dogs need good treats. With each purchase of Bellcate School Dog Treats you are supporting both.

All of our treats are baked and packaged by students with special needs as part of our progressive employment program. Students and their families are filled with hope and enthusiasm about the far reaching impact of our program.

Bellcate Dog Treats is offering two promo codes to the Ever Widening Circles community!

EWC: free water bottle vinyl decal with any purchase (must add item to cart)
EWCSHIP: free shipping with any order of $25 or more


Another long-time friend of ours at Ever Widening Circles, GroFive creates expanding sandals (Expandals) that grow with children’s feet! Instead of creating a company and attaching a mission, the idea started as a mission to get “The Shoe That Grows” to kids all around the world.

In their words…

Every Expandals purchase leads to 5 Good Things.

1.) Good for the Mission: 7% of revenue goes directly to our nonprofit who is also our majority owner and benefits the most when you support GroFive.

2.) Good for a Worker: Our story starts in Kenya with The Shoe That Grows. By purchasing Expandals, each pair gets us closer to our goal of producing exclusively in Kenya.

3.) Good for the Earth: Expandals can replace 2, 3, 4 or more pairs of regular shoes. Our growing design and durable materials mean fewer shoes in landfills.

4.) Good for a Family: Shoes are an expensive part of a family’s budget. But when a shoe can grow with a kid – that means fewer pairs need to be bought.

5.) Good for the Future: Hopefully the innovative spirit of GroFive can inspire great ideas for more thoughtful products like Expandals.

From Black Friday to the week before Christmas they have a TON of deals. Every day will be something different! You can find more information by subscribing to their newsletter or following them on Facebook or Instagram.


Have an outdoor enthusiast in your life? TerrApparel is a closed-loop performance clothing company making clothing out of 100% recycled materials. It’s a company built by outdoor enthusiasts on a mission to clean up the planet.

In their words…

TerrApparel is focused on using our love of the Earth as our platform to clean it up.

We want to be able to wear clothing confidently that allows us to perform while also bettering the performance of our planet. We know this will not single-handedly cure the problem of plastics in our oceans, rivers and forests, but to use our passion for the outdoors to promote the health of Earth’s species and environments is a journey we could not be happier to follow.

You can receive a free TerrApparel Adventure Mug with every purchase of The Guardian using coupon code: CONSPIRACY

Kind Karma Company

Combining beautiful jewelry with a mission to do social good, Kind Karma Company works with Toronto’s homeless and at-risk youth, helping them develop job skills and break the cycle of poverty!

In their words…

Accessorize with Impact. Kind Karma Company employs at-risk and homeless youth in Toronto to handcraft quality jewelry. In addition to fair hourly wages, proceeds from all sales are returned to our youth artisans to support their individual goals.

Kind Karma aims to break the cycle of poverty by enabling our future generation of leaders to reach their full potential so they can continue to pay kindness forward.

Kind Karma Company is offering Ever Widening Circles readers 10% off using coupon code: KARMA10


How can a luxury item like cashmere be more affordable and better for the world? Why not go straight to the source? Naadam works with local communities and herders to create beautiful, high-quality cashmere products that are as comfy as they are good for the world!

In their words…

NAADAM goes straight to the source of the best cashmere, Mongolia’s Gobi Desert, and works directly with herders and their goats to bring you high quality, sustainable and unbelievably soft knitwear at the world’s fairest prices.

You can check out more about their mission and support their work by checking out their website!

MADI Apparel

Sometimes the best gifts are the ones you’ll wear every day! MADI (which stands for Make a Difference Intimate Apparel) is the TOMS Shoes of underwear.  They are a line of elegant, eco-friendly underwear, and loungewear, that donates a new pair of underwear to women in domestic violence shelters, homeless shelters and rape crisis centers for every MADI garment purchased.

In their words…

Why underwear? Underwear tops the most urgent needs list of nearly every domestic violence and homeless shelter and rape crisis center.

Another plus, the underwear, and loungewear are made in the US from viscose from bamboo, beautiful high-end fabric that is self wicking, anti-microbial and quick drying so women in need can hand wash and hang dry a pair overnight – important for women with little access to washers.  Not only is the bamboo fabric very sustainable, MADI is a woman-owned small business and they hire woman-owned cut and sew teams to manufacture the underwear in the US, substantially lowering their carbon footprint.

So far, MADI has donated over 6,000 pairs of underwear to women in need through 26 partnered organizations including domestic violence shelters, homeless shelters, rape crisis centers and international aid organizations.

On Black Friday, you can check out their discounts: $100 – get 10% off, purchase $200, get 20% off, purchase $300 – get 30% off.

We hoped you enjoyed this first edition of the #ConspiracyofGoodness gift guide!

This holiday season we can make a difference with our purchases. Whether we’re spending a little more to support companies with great missions, or buying local and supporting our own economies, we can be a part of the #ConspiracyofGoodness this holiday season in so many ways.

If you know of any companies we should celebrate next year, let us know!

From everybody here at the Ever Widening Circles office, we wish you a happy holiday season full of gratitude, love, and a lot of goodness!


Liesl, Renee, Sam & Dr. Lynda

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