If you’ve ever thought that one person can’t make a difference, 40,000 bluebirds happen to disagree with you!

When he retired in the 1970s, Al Larson turned his attention towards the sky. Or, well, the birds who fly through it. After reading about the plight of the bluebirds and their declining numbers, he got to work to build them homes to keep their young safe. Now, at the age of 97 and over 350 nest boxes later, it doesn’t appear he’s slowing down!

This is someone who can show us a lot about the impact we each can have.

Image: bluebird sitting on a tree limb

Western bluebird
Source: Pixabay

The Birdman of Idaho!

The thing about Al Larson is that he’s a so-called “self-taught conservationist”. He didn’t go to university to learn about birds. No, he simply cared about them, knew that nesting boxes helped them survive (due to the decreasing number of trees they would typically nest in), and knew that he was more than capable of putting up a few boxes.

But then those few boxes became a few hundred and suddenly, Al was known as the Bluebird Man of Idaho. He monitors the boxes, collecting much-needed data about egg and hatchling numbers that he then gives to universities and really, anyone who requests it.

“I’m gratified to know that I’ve helped the bluebirds increase their populations. I’m gratified to know that through the work I’ve done I’ve inspired many many other people to help not only bluebirds but other creatures as well.” — Al Larson

Great Big Story introduces us to Al in this wonderful short video!

Great Big Story is one of those channels whose work never fails to leave us amazed at how awesome this world is. They highlight stories that often go missed. Through their lens, we get to meet people, like Al, who are making a difference, learn about fantastic cultural traditions, the secret lives of animals and explore this entire world in ways we could never have without their work. Thank you, Great Big Story!

If you’d like to check out more of their great work, check out their YouTube channel and give them a follow on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter!

We can each make a difference!

Whatever it is that you enjoy or feel the calling to do, the world needs you to pursue it. If everyone was doing the same thing, we wouldn’t get very far, would we? Your unique interest is just as important as the next person’s.

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Stay open to new possibilities!

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