Could confidence really change the future? With three simple changes, we could start to build confidence in ourselves and others to unlock more of our potential.

Imagine a world where everyone was certain they can accomplish their dreams; where their ideas are pursued with conviction and courage, and they show up with complete faith in themselves and their talents. What sorts of innovations would come out of that recipe? How much progress would unfold?

There is a thought leader speaking to how we can unlock the door to that future. And lucky for us, she’s giving us all the formula to build the collective confidence we need to make it happen! (And it’s something we can adopt today.)

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“A lack of confidence pulls us down from the bottom and weighs us down from the top, crushing us between a flurry of can’ts, wonts, and impossibles. Without confidence we get stuck. And when we get stuck, we can’t even get started. ” — Brittany Packnett

Confidence is one tricky skill to master. Difficult to build and easy to crush, it often feels like our relationship with our confidence goes around in circles. But if we’re in the constant ebb and flow from Yes, I can do this! to No, no I can’t possibly, how are we supposed to get anything done? How will our dreams and great ideas become realities?

One expectation of confidence is that it’s just something we’re born with. And while this may seem to be true for some, there have actually been factors in their lives that have helped them build the skill. Activist, educator, and a past executive director for Teach for America in St. Louis, Brittany Packnett, (the thought leader we’re featuring in this article) shows us how we can all master it by breaking down the three key ingredients to making confidence possible.

Spend a moment with her TED talk below to be clued in on how we can build and support confidence in ourselves, and those around us. Her novel advice will completely revamp how you go about cultivating these valuable resources!

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“It would be our greatest shame to see our best ideas go unrealized and our brightest dreams go unreached all because we lack the engine of confidence. ” — Brittany Packnett

The world only progresses when more minds are on the problems we face. But it’s important to realize that without confidence, those great minds and the ideas that grow from them may never have the chance to speak up.

Brittany makes a profound observation when she points out that “permission births confidence, community nurtures it, and curiosity affirms it”.

To build confidence, we need to give people permission to be confident in themselves. We need to cultivate and support them as a community. And we have to be curious about people as they build their confidence instead of picking them apart. All this makes it possible for self-evaluation to happen; so that they can have the confidence that they will need to be successful in the future.

Of course, we often don’t see how easily we impact other’s confidence. Our quick reaction to show them what they’ve done wrong (or at least this has been my reaction) doesn’t help them find the certainty in themselves needed to find success next time.

The thing is, when we put these three parts into action for others, we may just find ourselves more confident in the end.

Maybe the first place to try out these new insights is in our work environments? Almost every team can use a shot of good-will, and boosting other people’s confidence may be the best way to get a ripple effect going!

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