What happens to wonderfully loved pets when their elderly owners are no longer able to care for them? Meet Bruce and Terry Jenkins, a couple that has turned their love for animals into a paradise for beloved pets in search of a new home!

In the early hours of the morning in Bruce and Terry Jenkins’ backyard, you’ll see a long line of little paws making its way down the ramp for breakfast. Twenty-six cats, all in their old age, greet their new caretaker as she dishes out their food. Around them, small houses, towers, bridges, lounge areas, and various toys decorate the yard in their end of life paradise.

Affectionately known as Cats Cradle, this cat town is a place of inspiring compassion and remarkable generosity! Join us for the amazing story of how this paradise came to be and find a little inspiration to keep doing whatever it is that gets you up in the morning.

This is one story that shows just how powerful doing what we love can be!

It all started with one cat.

As with most important change, it just takes one moment to spark an idea that may transform your life. And for Bruce and Terry Jenkins of Lutz, Florida, this happened after bringing home their first elderly cat. They quickly realized there was something they could do to make a difference. And it was a perfect fit with their passions and resources!

Many elderly cats are given up to shelters when their humans transition to no-pet housing, nursing homes, or pass away. And, so, many cats are left without a loving home in their late years.

But Bruce and Terry have created a paradise perfectly suited for these elder felines! Adorned with structures for the cats to play, explore, and just, well, be cats, their cat town—called Cats Cradle—gives their residents the chance to live out their best lives. And with the best possible health care, they’re taken care of until the end of their days.

Luckily for us, we’re able to get a tour of this wonderful place and meet Bruce and Terry in this great film by Jonathan Napolitano. It really goes to show the sort of impact we can all have just by doing what brings us happiness!

Want to learn more about this great place? How can you not! All you need to do is head over to their website, Cats-Cradle.org, to learn more about their 26 adorable residents and how you can support their work.

If you’d like to see more great work from Jonathan Napolitano, check out  his website! You can also stay up to date with what he’s up to by giving him a follow on Vimeo, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

His film was chosen as a part of the Atlantic Selects, a curation of wonderful short documentary films from The Atlantic. Take a look at their full library if you’d like to explore more!

Often, the ripple effects of doing what we love are more impactful than the actual act.

Whether it’s surfing, painting, gardening, or even hanging out with cats, doing what we love can have a widespread ripple effect.

First, there’s the phenomenal personal satisfaction of doing what you love. But then who else has been impacted? For example, with Bruce and Terry’s venture, there’s the peace of mind the cats’ previous owners must have knowing that their beloved pet has found a spectacular new home! And even their own children can have the peace of mind knowing that their parents are doing something that brings them such happiness.

Because of this, their impact goes out in ever widening circles *cough*. And by all means, we each have the ability to do the same.

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