Our best friend Cheese has been with us from the very beginning! By looking back through the history of cheese, it’s becoming more apparent that its discovery may just have been one of the reasons we’ve been able to survive so well as a species.

I know what you’re thinking “this never oc-curd to me!” I was right there with you when I came across the video we’re featuring in this article. But it turns out that we may have never survived to be where we are today without the nutrients we began to get from cheese at least 7000 years ago. 1

Seriously, we’d be muensters if we didn’t share this piece with you. It’s unbrielievable.

Image: variety of cheese at a market!

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Just as you didn’t know how cool decorator crabs are because they can stick random objects they find directly on their body until I told you just now, you’re not going to know how big of a deal cheese really is until you learn about its history.

Luckily for us, this absolutely adorable video from TED-Ed is here to help us do just that.

So grab yourself a cheese board and settle in to learn the story of how this nutrient-dense treat has been with us through it all.

Via: TED-Ed 2

Riccota be kidding me, right? I don’t know about you, but this video has made me even more passionate about this beautiful food.

If you really want to be impressed though, make sure you jump into this next article about the DNA of cheese. The tiny creatures (yes, creatures) that determine the flavor and consistency of our old friends is something that scientists are still studying. But what they have found is so cool!

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Looking at our history in a new way…

One of the (many) reasons this is such a great piece from TED-Ed is that we’ve been given a different perspective on the history of humanity. A timeline that spans thousands of years has been pieced together through remnants of cheese. And through it, we’re able to draw similarities between the humans that existed way before societies as we’ve known them were even a blip on the horizon of our history.

Every time you eat cheese, that’s a connection to the hundreds of millions of people that came before you. Bring that up at your next get together around a cheese plate and you’re sure to blow someone’s mind. And maybe even make a new friend over your love of this dairy delicacy.

11 minutes

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TED-Ed is a wonderful place to learn about what’s happening in the world (and what has happened in the past) in easily digestible, and very entertaining, bits. Head over to their full channel to explore all their amazing content!

In the meantime, stay open to new possibili-cheese!

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