If you want to create something that will last forever, why not choose the medium that’s already been around forever?

Almost everywhere you go in the world you’ll stumble across accents carved into stone. Statues decorating the town, accents chiseled into buildings, a fountain in a square. It’s almost too easy to overlook that someone—a real-life human being—crafted them. Their hands were able to make something beautiful out of a material that has most likely been around since before dinosaurs walked the earth. How crazy is that?

Stone carving and masonry are professions that have been around for millennia. But only a few still carry on the craft. Let’s see what it takes!

Image: Statue of a woman in a round room, an example of a stone carving surrounded by detailed masonry.

Source: Pixabay

Think about it, some of the very oldest artifacts of humanity are carved in stone.

Once you realize that those stones archaeologists keep digging out of the ground were carved by humans, the connection to our history is instant. You can almost imagine the person sitting there for hours, dressed in attire that may or may not have buttons, carving the image in their head out of a block of stone.

The art form is a direct link to the people that came before us. So if you’re someone that carves stone right now, think about the person, thousands of years from now, who will be staring at your work wondering what your life was like. Kind of amazing, right?

This first beautiful film we’d like to introduce you to brings us to the state of Michoacan, Mexico and into the shop of Antonio León, a man who has been working this craft for 48 years.

“The city was built 500 years ago, and it was made entirely by hand. So if we want the city to have the same quality, the same appearance, it must be made by the hands of craftsmen.” — Antonio León

An absolutely amazing tradition! We’ve actually featured another group of craftsmen from the same area before, also directed by Mariano Rentería Garnica. They’re a truly brilliant creator, so please head on over to their Vimeo to check out more of their work after you check out the following article!

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You can stay up to date with Mariano by following him on Instagram and Facebook.

So if you wanted to get into stone carving, what would that entail?

This dynamic film from Eyes & Ears gives us a look into how someone can get into stone carving, the dedication it takes to learn the craft and the process one artist takes to create a human face out of stone. It features the process of the very skilled stone mason, Anna Rubincam!

Want to enjoy more of Anna Rubincam’s work? Head on over to her awesome and informative website: annarubincam.com. You can also follow her on Instagram (@annarubincam)!

And while you’re at it, you’re definitely going to want to check out more of Eyes & Ears beautiful work on their website or by following them on Instagram (@eyes.cars)!

So, if you’re not into carving stone, what kind of impression are you making on history?

You’re actually having a bigger impact than you may think. Every little interaction you have with a person could change the course of history. No really—maybe that person you complimented just needed that confidence boost to head on their way to becoming the next big thought leader of our generation, or maybe, that person you just brushed past and made eye contact with will be your next love. Who knows!

There’s a fantastic TED Talk all about this phenomenon. Just head on over to this next article to check it out.

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