The idea of what is possible seems to be changing constantly. It was once “impossible” to go to the moon; “impossible” to sail around the world; “impossible” for us to reach the deepest trenches of the ocean. So really, is anything actually impossible?

While we have already conquered so much in feats of exploration, science, and technology, we are now doing the impossible with our own bodies!

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Advances in medicine, equipment, and training have helped athletes set new records time and time again. Just watch the Olympics long enough and you’ll see records broken—the fastest runner, furthest thrower, or highest jumper. And while you may not be interested in the glory of the sport,  it is still pretty cool to see how athletes are taking something we all have, a human body, and pushing them far beyond our limits.

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On the surface, a skill like the “highest jump” may not seem all that interesting. Yet, for many, it is becoming a new horizon for athletes to conquer. Watching a phenomenal dunk, or an incredible leaping catch in American football is cool in the moment but beyond the glory of an amazing play, those athletes are putting an incredible ability of the human body on display.

To help us explore how some people are making “impossible” leaps and shifting our understanding of the human body, we’re going to share with you a remarkable video from WIRED‘s “Almost Impossible” series. This one left me wondering, what am I capable of?


So, why is this so cool?

Whether or not you are an athlete or fan of all things sports, looking at what people can do with bodies, all so similar to our own, is remarkable.

Not everybody is going to be jumping up onto towers of weights, but it does beg the question, “Am I capable of something that cool, too?” Maybe my skill won’t be in jumping (certainly anybody that witnessed my basketball career will agree) but with the right training I could unleash a skill in lifting, running, biking or even Rubik’s Cube solving that I didn’t know I had.

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Whether we’re training for a triathlon, or memorizing the first 50 digits of Pi, we are able to do some pretty cool stuff with the bodies and brains we have—and that’s worth celebrating!

Stay weird & keep laughing!


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