Have you ever thought about all of the hidden beauty around us?

The secret garden, hidden from view; the bends in the road revealing stunning views; the surprising musical talents of a close friend; the beautiful mural tucked down a side street.

All of these little moments of wonder and delight are all around us. We just have to know where to find them, and remember to be on the hunt for them! So we’re giving you a tip on how to find one of these moments in a place you may have never considered…

Image: Leather-bound books on a slanted shelf

Source: Pixabay

Shelves of old, leatherbound books have a beauty in and of themselves. There’s something about walking into the section of the library that is home to these beautiful tomes that can make us feel a little smarter. So what if I told you that even though you can’t just judge a book by its cover, there are some books who may be home to secret images, hidden in their pages, just waiting to be discovered.

The art of fore-edge painting is a skill that’s nearly lost. These wonderful paintings detailed on the edges of a book’s pages are only visible if the handler knows how to carefully move back the pages and reveal the hidden artwork!

To explore this wonderful hidden world, Great Big Story introduces us to Martin Frost, the last working fore-edge painter.

What a wonderful thing to know about!

To think, just beyond our view, a book could be home to a wonderful little joy like a fore-edge painting! It makes you wonder, what other hidden wonders are out there waiting to be discovered?

Find the Beauty Around You!

Something like this makes me walk through the world with a little more joy. The knowledge that there are people working in small ways (and sometimes large) to make the world both a little more beautiful and magical for others is wonderful to think about.

13 minutes

Rediscovering Wonder with Janet Echelman

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These moments that give us pause, that remind us that life is beautiful and that people are kind, are important to celebrate. If we don’t stop to recognize them, these little moments could easily pass us by.

Stay beautiful & keep laughing!


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