“I am the wearer of a bionic limb as opposed to a man with a disability. It’s a huge difference.” — Luke Manson, Bionic Hero

This affordable 3D printed prosthesis from Open Bionics is giving people so much more than just an arm.

Image: Tilly Lockey at the SingularityU The Netherlands Summit in 2016 with her bionic arm

Tilly Lockey, Bionic Hero
Source: Sebastiaan ter Burg // Flickr

Open Bionics creates individualized, customizable arms that are not only bringing dexterity to the lives of people with below elbow upper-limb differences, no — more importantly — they’re bringing confidence.

Users of the Hero Arm, who the company calls their “Bionic Heroes“, say that since using this prosthesis, the attention towards their limb has shifted from “Oh my god, what happened to your hand?” to “Oh my god, how cool is your hand!” and that difference can, in fact, change someone’s life.

Did we mention that the bionic arm also moves in accordance with signals from the muscles of the user’s arm? Or that it can just be reprinted to grow with the user?

No? Well, you’re about to hear all about it.

Check out this awesome feature on Open Bionics and their Hero Arm from Seeker.

Via: Seeker 1
We’ve paired this video with thought-provoking discussion questions perfect for the classroom in this touchstone on our education platform, EWCed!

Like with anything, the benefits are endless when we put the focus on helping us show our individuality instead of helping us blend in with the crowd. With more innovations coming out that help us all do just this, well, now that’s an exciting future.

You can explore all that Open Bionics is up to by visiting their website! The stories from their Bionic Heroes are a must for you to check out.

Playing the piano with a bionic arm

Did you catch that clip of the musician playing the piano with his bionic arm? As stated, Open Bionics has opened up a lot of their designs for researchers to tinker with themselves. Here’s a closer look at the one they featured from Georgia Tech where the user, Jason Barnes, is able to move each finger of the prosthesis individually!

And I’m sure this is just the beginning of what’s possible in bionics. We have the capability to look at a situation that most humans find undesirable (losing their hands) and seeing it as a possibility and the motivation to do more.

We’ve actually featured Jason Barnes before…

For a look at his story and how he got involved with playing music with a bunch of robots, take a look at this article!

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When we’re embracing what makes us different from one another, we’re better for it.

Stay open to new possibilities!

– Sam

“No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.”— Albert Einstein 

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