Raccoons: These trash loving bandits are smarter than you may think!

With their love of eating, well, basically anything, raccoons are some of the only animals who have adapted surprisingly well to the urban jungles we’ve created. Also, it turns out they’ve got a few superpowers up their sleeves!

(Before we go any further, I must ask you to please take a moment to imagine a raccoon in a very cute printed long-sleeved shirt.)

Image: A raccoon kit in a tree

Source: cuatrok77 // Flickr

You may have seen raccoons scurrying around your neighborhood, or have at least heard about their playful yet destructive antics. These scrappy little creatures have an amazing ability to adapt, and it seems that their lack of food preferences have a big part in that.

This awesome video from Animalogic lets us in on the raccoon’s other surprising skills!

It’s so impressive to see how animals like raccoons, pigeons, seagulls, and rats have been able to adapt to living and thriving in the environments that we humans have created for ourselves.

These areas have been made to be as unwelcoming as possible to wildlife, yet these creatures have found a way to make them their own.

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Raccoon hands: animal superpower in action!

Let’s meet a raccoon named Rascal in this piece from BBC Earth Unplugged. Her sense of touch is put to the test in this obstacle course! Take a look…

Raccoon hands are pretty awesome, right?

Oh, and fun fact: The name “raccoon” in English, comes from the native Powhatan word meaning “animal that scratches with its hands.” Isn’t that cute? 3

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