How many times have you looked at someone and thought, “Man, are they lucky!”
But what about those moments when you’ve been most lucky? How did you get there?

Luck is a funny thing. Sure, there are times when circumstances perfectly align and it seems, by some strange twist of fate, luck was on your side. But it turns out, “being lucky” isn’t just a game of chance. There are ways you can increase your luck significantly and we’ve found someone who, after decades of research,  can give us the short course on that.

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Stanford engineering school professor Tina Seelig studies what makes some people luckier than others. Her observations are not vision boards and hope though, they are practical, easy to use ways to start building your sail to catch the winds of luck.

Her fabulous TED Talk from the TED Salon in New York City outlines three ways we can all start increasing our luck! Take a look, it’s now one of my favorite TED Talks of all time!

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Simple, right?

No magic or mystery involved! Just three points to start increasing your luck:

  • Take some risks
  • Show Appreciation
  • Look at ideas through the lens of possibilities

As you may know, we recently launched the EWC initiative for education. We were fortunate enough to have found this TED Talk the day after our launch and it has, in so many ways, reshaped the way we talk about and promote EWCed.

Personally, I’m more willing to take little risks and reach out to people I may have been too afraid to reach out to before. I’m also more diligent about sending my thank you notes out at the end of each day! And finally, every time a new idea comes our way or somebody offers a new connection for us, I’m more willing to look at it through the lens of what’s possible instead of just throwing the idea away.

38 minutes

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The cool part is that in just a month of implementing these changes to help spread the word about EWCed, we are getting more positive feedback than we ever dreamed and getting more recommendations from educators! Why? Simply because we haven’t stopped sticking our hand out to say hello, even when it feels like a risk.

If it works for us, we think it can work for you too!

Stay beautiful & keep laughing!


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Liesl Ulrich-Verderber

CEO of Ever Widening Circles, Founder of EWCed

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