Would you try to swim across the Pacific Ocean? This man is!

You may have heard of Ben Lecomte before—he’s already swum across one ocean. In 1998, Ben swam across the Atlantic for cancer awareness. And now, he’s in the midst of a 6-month journey across the grueling Pacific Ocean and he’s doing it for a different reason. This time, it’s for science.

Image: Ben Lecomte Swimming the Pacific Ocean for Science

Source: The Swim

It’s been 7 years in the making, but it’s finally happening; Ben Lecomte is swimming 5,000 miles across the Pacific, from Choshi, Japan to San Francisco, USA. This is 8 hours of swimming, every day, for 6 months. And if (when) Ben is successful, he’ll be the first human to ever accomplish this.

But to really make it special, this expedition is teeming with scientific opportunity.

This is the biggest citizen science expedition of its kind. As Ben swims, the team following him will be collecting data on the ocean; measuring everything from the sounds of the animals under the surface to both the plankton and microplastic levels. They’ll also be testing Ben himself to see how the human body holds up to performing for a long period of time in a low gravity environment (you know, for all of our future space travels!) and how it reacts to the amount of physical activity it’s put under.

To get a better idea of what this looks like, take a look at this video Seeker put together…

Via: Seeker 1

Wondering why he’s doing this?

This video from Ben Lecomte’s website explains it a little more. On this website, you’ll also find a daily blog where you can check in to see how Ben is faring out there in the middle of the Pacific. It’s a fascinating diary of this amazing adventure!

The human body is capable of some truly amazing things. And after Ben gets his feet back on land in San Francisco, we’ll really be able to see what it can do.

“I’m not an Olympic swimmer, I’m an adventurer who likes to swim.”

Ben Lecomte

If you’re an adventurer who also wants to give back to the places you love to explore, the organization in the following article will help you do so! Check it out.

22 minutes

What Happens When Athletes and Scientists Team Up?

To put it simply: breakthroughs. This nonprofit is making it possible for scientists to get the data they need from every corner of the planet by teaming them up with the adventurers who are already there.

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