It’s a favorite treat for a lot of people, but do most of us actually know how chocolate is made?

There’s a lot that goes into it! So let’s explore how we get this popular sweet from the seeds in the fruit of the Theobroma Cacao tree.

It’s often surprising how little we know about how some of our favorite foods are grown and processed. For starters, did you know that chocolate is fermented? In a similar fashion to kimchi, kombucha, beer, and so many other of the world’s favorite foods, the cacao beans have to go through the process—and they’re exceptionally easy to screw up.

But we’re in luck! We can see the creation of chocolate, from start to finish, in these two short episodes of It’s Alive by Bon Appétit! The very entertaining host, Brad Leone, brings us to a cacao farm in Ecuador to walk us through picking the pods, harvesting the seeds, fermenting the little guys, and finally shipping them off to a chocolate processing operation in San Francisco.

So without further ado, let’s head to Ecuador.

Awesome, right?

Those beans still have a lot to go through before we see the chocolate bars that we’re familiar with.

So, to show us those steps here’s part two!

So, did you know that’s how chocolate is made?

Sometimes, even the foods we’ve spent a lot of time with and think we know so well can surprise us.

And the next time we enjoy those foods, we’re able to appreciate them even more by knowing what it takes for them to get here. There are so many more episodes of It’s Alive to show us the amazing processes some of our foods go through, and I highly suggest you head over to Bon Appétit to check them out! (I’m especially a fan of the episodes on honey and salt.)

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