It doesn’t matter who you are or where you’re from, it’s a universal fact that bubbles are cool.

They just are! If you don’t agree, then you’re really going to want to stick around for this article. This is the most amazing bubble performance we’ve ever seen! And as an added bonus, there are a few thoughts on life tucked in for us all to consider.

Image: Fan Yang holding child in the middle of bubbles!

Source: Hai Thinh // Flickr

The Yang family is basically bubble royalty. For decades, they’ve been combining entertainment with art and science, not only pushing what’s physically possible with bubbles but creating a show that leaves us in awe.

Fan Yang, the patriarch of this bubble family, has 16 Guinness World Records under his belt. It’s an extensive list, but let’s just say he’s put a lot of bubbles inside of other bubbles, as well as a lot of humans inside of one (181, to be exact).

His entire family has joined in on the fun with their Gazillion Bubble Show, and we have the pleasure of hearing from his daughter, Melody, about the wonder their show brings to people across the globe. Take a look at this piece from Wired to see what she means, with the added bonus of learning a few tricks yourself!

Via: WIRED 1

Performances like these have a way of speaking to us without language. Well, in fact, maybe they do have a language—our shared humanity. The excitement, the wonder, the almost magic of the show brings us together, crossing the bounds of any cultural setting.

Another performance that brings the same connection may surprise you…

When’s the last time you considered clowning? This art form goes without words, translating feelings and experiences through facial expressions and body language. Meet some of the world’s most talented clowns and hear why they love what they do in this article:

25 minutes

Can Clowns Teach Us to be More Human?

When an art form meant to highlight our own humanity has begun eliciting fear... it may just be time to look back at its roots. Today, we learn a bit more about the amazing, mystical world of clowning!

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Celebrating what we all have in common, even if it’s just our facial expressions or our shared love for bubbles, has superpowers. We’re able to see each other on even ground; able to connect over a simple experience and move forward from there.

They are a gentle reminder that we aren’t all that different from a person standing on the opposite side of the globe.

Stay open to new possibilities!

  • Sam

“No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.”—Albert Einstein 

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