Have you heard that noise pollution is taking a serious toll on our hearing?

In this article, we’re looking into how loud our everyday spaces actually are, what they’re doing to our health, and how we’re unconsciously contributing to it. Don’t worry though, because we’re going to leave you with some steps we can take to combat these invisible forces.

Listen closely.

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Our promise here at EWC is to show you that it’s still an amazing world, and while it may not seem like noise pollution can have an uplifting twist, by understanding it a little better we can take steps to combat it! We are doing this. Meaning, we have the control over it.

Vox gives us a look into what these noises are doing to us and the steps we can take to keep our ears safe!

Via: Vox 1

This is quite the reassuring video as I sit here in the busy coffee shop listening to music through my headphones.

These sounds that are affecting us on a biological level are our own doing.

In fact, most of us aren’t even aware we’re contributing to the pollution. It happens in everyday situations (think coffee shop or bar), and is so normal.

When it comes down to it, what’s amazing is that the more aware we are of the world, how it’s affecting us, and what our role in it is, the more aware we are of the steps we can take to avoid causing more damage.

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Now, let’s turn to the very funny Jeff Seal. He hit the streets of New York City to ask people who are almost unconsciously contributing to the noise pollution… why? Here he is in, Why Are You Honking? 

*Okay, so there are explicit words thrown about, but hey, they’re New Yorkers in traffic, what do you expect? Just proceed with caution if you’re around sensitive ears.

An interesting look at the phenomena, right?

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We have to live in this world. And like it or not, there are a lot of us here, in the same spaces. Things are going to get loud. But doesn’t knowing how to handle the noise and ensuring the safety of our hearing make the situation feel a bit better?

Stay open to new possibilities! And… maybe buy some earplugs?

  •  Sam

“No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.” — Albert Einstein 

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