Think of it as your body’s sticky little security guard! (Or maybe housekeeper would make more sense?)

We all produce a lot of mucus (about 1 liter a day on average!), yet most of us don’t actually know what superpowers this substance actually has. That changes now.

Image: Magnification of normal human gastric mucosa, also known as the inner most layer of the stomach. Dyed.

Magnification of a human mucosa — a membrane that lines various cavities in the body and covers the surface of internal organs which can secrete mucus. This one is found in the human stomach.
Source: Wikipedia

We’ve all coughed it up, blown it out, and wiped it away, but have we ever thanked it? I know, I know, who likes an overproduction of mucus? It can be dangerous! Let alone pretty gross. But it’s actually working really hard to keep us as healthy as possible and prevent us from becoming even sicker than we may be. Surprising, right?

Although we may not appreciate when it falls out of our nose unexpectedly or clogs up our airways, there’s a method to this goopy madness. I have a feeling this video below from TED-Ed may just make you reconsider your opinion of mucus!

Via: TED-Ed  1

Though mucus has never been, and never will be, as cute as it is in this animation, don’t you feel just a twinge of thankfulness and love for this substance that covers and protects almost all of your body? It’s doing a lot of work!

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