They say that great art speaks to us, but what happens when great artists create work by speaking with each other?

Across genres, painters, dancers, musicians, all speak different languages. Very often, these styles sit in their own boxes, barred from collaboration by tradition and stigma. The detailed brushwork of a realist painter must contrast to the bold, colorful strokes of a graffiti artist. The long-held traditions of the opera singer could never bridge the gap to the world of hip-hop. So what’s waiting on the other side when these artforms do collide?

Image: Person holding a paintbrush covered in paint in front of a wall with graffiti on it

Source: Pixabay

The creators at Jubilee Media created a remarkable series called “Between Worlds” where they explore that exact question. In Season 1, they brought together artists, dancers, and musicians to explore the magic that happens when creative people are asked to improvise and create together.

One of our favorite videos (and the one we’re sharing with you below) features Los Angeles artists Aimée Hoover, a wildlife painter, and Black Light King, a graffiti artist. Having never met before, they are given one day to create a mural blending their artistic styles. Watching them work together is filled with wonder, tension, and the beauty of artistic flow.

Via: Jubilee 1

I watch this and am struck with how familiar I am with this same kind of artistic flow between musicians. Guitarists, drummers, and bassists all collaborating freely over an improvised piece or during a jam session. The common artistic endeavor transcends language, with years of practice allowing the artists to play together in a space of emotion and instinct.

Creating Art Beyond Language…

This idea of art as a way to go beyond language is explored in another beautiful Jubilee video. This time featuring dancers who must overcome their language barriers to choreograph a piece together.

(A quick warning to parents or sensitive ears, the song they use does contain some strong language.)

Via:  Jubilee 2

Amazing, right?

Art is such a powerful way for us to connect! Whether we are gathering around a sculpture or painting or dancing along to some great music, it is such a wonderful reminder of our deep connection as humans. While you and I may not appreciate the same work in the same way, our shared joy or curiosity is enough to remind us of our shared humanity.

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