When was the last time you walked into a museum?

Now, I don’t mean the last time you went into a building called a “museum”. No, I’m talking about the last time you accidentally bumped into one standing out in the open, kind of like a vending machine, but for knowledge.

If you haven’t “walked into” a museum quite yet, don’t worry. This unique experience will, hopefully, become commonplace in the not so distant future because of this awesome organization!

Image: People looking at the MICRO Smallest Mollusk Museum

Source: MICRO

Let us introduce you to MICRO. This nonprofit is building tiny, six-foot tall museums (about the size of your average vending machine) and putting them, well, just about anywhere. This incredible project is taking the wonders of the greatest science museums and bringing them out into the open for everybody to enjoy!

The great YouTube channel, SciFri, recently featured a piece on MICRO that got us all excited about the possibilities. See what you think…

Via: SciFri 1

So, why is this so cool?

Imagine how much more wonderful (and by that, I mean actually full of wonder) this world would be if when you were waiting at the DMV or for a flight you could have something other than your phone to preoccupy your time.

How amazing would it be to have a place like a MICRO museum to be curious and connect with others in the most unexpected places?

If anybody can walk up to and enjoy the wonders of a museum we lower the barriers to entry for everybody, and in doing so we democratize knowledge and curiosity!

5 minutes

The Remarkable Intelligence of Octopus Tentacles

How much do you really know about octopus tentacles? Sure, tentacles help an octopus get around, but did you know they can smell and taste too?

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Since November of 2017, the Smallest Mollusk Museum has already spent time in places across New York City; including the Brooklyn Public Library, Ronald McDonald House NYC, the Rockefeller Center, Lincoln Hospital, and the Ace Hotel. MICRO is about to install a new Smallest Mollusk Museum at the Lower East Side Girls’ Club in New York City, and another later in the summer at Bellevue Hospital.

Image: Students touring Rockefeller Center Micro Museum

Source: MICRO

If you want to find a MICRO museum near you or keep up to date with their latest projects, make sure you follow them on FacebookTwitter, or Instagram and go check out their website to sign up for their newsletter!

Stay beautiful & keep laughing!


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