The best innovations in the world always start out as a tremendous reach. Here’s one we might be wise to learn a little about: If more of us started eating insects, could we actually help the planet?

If you don’t know already, most of us are already snacking on a lot of bugs without knowing it. I hate if I’m the one to inform you of this right now, especially if you’re eating a peanut butter sandwich, but we’re living in a world where processed foods are everywhere! And what else is everywhere? That’s right, bugs. These critters have a knack for sneaking their way into almost everything.

But what if we utilized that? If we worked towards molding our perception of this food source into a positive one, with maybe some tasty cricket flour brownies or crunchy mealworm french fries, could we not only support our own health but that of our planet with these abundant creatures?

We have a few bits of information for you to chew over today…

Image: Chef carefully puts the final touches on a bug inspired dish

Chef Andy Holcroft of Grub Kitchen, Britain’s first full-time insect restaurant.
Source: How We Get To Next

Here’s one of our favorite channels, The Good Stuff, sitting down with some bug experts to discuss all of the benefits of including more insects in our diets and then going over a few dishes (that honestly look SO good) to give us an idea of how easily they can be a part of our lives!

So what do you think, would you chow down on some bugs?

I’ve been living a meat-free life for the past 5 years and I’m seriously considering sprinkling a few crickets into my salads here and there (which is really confusing for my mother). I mean, who doesn’t need a little more sustainable protein in their diet? Especially at a time when our population is growing and large animal farms are just not a feasible way to give everyone the nutrients they need if we want our planet to survive us.

Of course, there are some downsides to everything. Forbes published an excerpt from On Eating Insects: Essays, Stories and Recipeswhere they unpack how farming specific species of insects isn’t actually as sustainable as we hope. But to us, that only brings the importance of innovation and weighing our choices back into the forefront.

So if you’re willing to give them a try, there are some really great websites out there dedicated to developing delicious dishes that incorporate these small critters. For some really awesome edible insect recipes, check out Bug Vivant and Crunchy Critters! TIME also published an article that includes fabulous recipes from celebrity chefs and bug enthusiasts if you’re looking for even more grub.

Stay open to new possibilities! There seems to be an abundent resource all around us.

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