Imagine you’re walking through your home and you see a spider making it’s way up the wall. What do you do?

For people with arachnophobia, the sight of a spider may send them running into the next room or reaching for the closest magazine to “get rid of it”. And why not? After all, what does one spider really matter in the grand scheme of things?

Image: close up of an adorable jumping spider sitting on a leaf

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Well, today we’re learning a bit about these amazing creatures, additionally, we might just find our arachnophobia at ease as we begin to appreciate the brighter, and downright cute side of our eight-legged friends.

Let’s start with an introduction to your new friend, Lucas the Spider. This lovable YouTube sensation is painting spiders in an entirely new light, therefore helping us all to generate a little more love for one of nature’s most misunderstood creatures.

Meet Lucas the Spider!

Lucas is the brainchild of animator Joshua Slice. Inspired by the adorable look of the jumping spider, he decided to create a character that would help change hearts and minds about the “scary” image of spiders. Here’s the story of how Lucas the Spider came to life!

Via: The Dodo 2

We wrote an article about a very flamboyant species of jumping spider only found in Australia and China called the Peacock Spider! If you want more of those real-life adorable spiders, make sure you check it out!

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It’s Dance or Die for this Adorable Spider

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Getting better acquainted with Lucas the Spider…


Now that we are a little more familiar with the story of Lucas the Spider, I wanted to share a couple of the EWC team’s favorite videos. First, up, Sam Burns’s favorite…

If you haven’t had your fix of cute quite yet, you can head over to the Lucas the Spider YouTube channel to see all of his videos. So while you’re still here, this is my personal favorite…

Why we all should love spiders…

Yes, Lucas the Spider is adorable, but changing our attitude towards spiders is important. They play a critical role in controlling insect populations, and are a vital piece of the ecosystems they are a part of. One spider can eat up to 2,000 insects a year! That’s not just fewer bugs bothering you as you try and enjoy summer evenings, it’s also a much-needed insect population control to protect all the fruits and vegetables we love.

Why do I have arachnophobia in the first place?

Even armed with the knowledge about the positive impact spiders have on our environment, and the love for a charming, animated spider named Lucas, it can be tough to overcome arachnophobia. But maybe that’s not entirely your fault.

Our fear of spiders and other creepie crawlies may actually have some pretty deep roots in our evolutionary history. For a little more on the subject, we bring you a video from one of our favorite places to learn about all things science, It’s Okay To Be Smart.

Now, we don’t expect you to go out and buy yourself a pet tarantula tomorrow, but we do hope that next time you see one, instead of cowering in fear or swatting it with the nearest newspaper, you’ll take a second to consider how cool these little creatures are and spare a spider life!

Stay beautiful & keep laughing!


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