Have you ever done something that made you completely lose track of time? Something that consumed all of your focus and absorbed your hours, yet left you feeling like you only spent a moment with it?

Then you’re really going to enjoy this.

Image: Suska Matsik's work table with pieces of glass cut to be used in mosaics

Source: Courtesy of Suska Matsik

You can follow mosaics throughout our human experience. From the walls of Mesopotamia 3000 BCE to the floors of Greece and Rome in 400 BCE 1, we can watch this artform continue on to be a staple in the design of parks at the beginning of the 20th century and into the aesthetics of modern day. 2

Some, if not most, of the same methods used to create those ancient mosaics continue to be used today and have made it into the house of the artist Suska Matsik in the small town of Chatham, Massachusetts in the United States.

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Now, regardless of how you feel about mosaics (or art in general), I’m sure you can appreciate the focus that comes from working with your hands or spending hours of your day perfecting something. Whether it’s structuring the words in a paper just so, tweaking the code for a new program, preparing a field for seed or a meal for your family, these moments of completely losing ourselves in a task aren’t unfamiliar to any of us.

“Yes, it is an escape. It’s entering a realm that has nothing to do with everyday reality, and time is inconsequential. It’s a reality that, to me, is more real than what’s going on around me in this world.” – Suska Matsik  3

Take a look at the beauty that Suska Matsik creates while she’s lost in her process in this gorgeous short film from the talented, Brandon DeTraglia.

Doesn’t that just seem cathartic? You can see more of Brandon’s work (and maybe enlist him to create something beautiful for you!) by visiting him on Vimeo, and Instagram!

“I feel strongly that my time in my studio and my time creating is a sanctuary for me. It’s a sanctuary that I created and one that’s essential for the happiness of my life. I think we live in very troubled times and when I’m in my studio working on a piece, that’s all that exists. And that, to me, is quite a gift to have that[sic].” – Suska Matsik 5

There’s something about the act of breaking those solid materials into imperfect pieces and rearranging them that is beautiful in a way that I’m having a hard time expressing.

Image: Mosaic of a palm tree on a beach created by Suska Matsik

Source: Courtesy of Suska Matsik

Maybe there’s something here about our lives seeming predetermined, written out, unable to be changed, yet with a little pressure and movement, there’s the possibility of creating an entirely new picture? Or maybe it’s that connection to the generations of humans before us who we don’t even share the same calendar or social structures with that also found the beauty in this art form.

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“No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it” – Albert Einstein 

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