If an axolotl were to take out an ad for itself in the paper, it may read:


Seriously, these cuties can actually do all of these things (not that the hosting a head thing was necessarily their choice, but hey, if you happen to be in that situation they’re a good friend to have). Let’s discover how it’s possible!

Image: A very close shot of the Axolotl's face!

Source: Wikipedia

This is unlike any salamander that may scurry by you on the road, and it’s not just because they only naturally live in the waters of Mexico. The axolotl lives in a world of, “if you lose a body part, no worries! It’ll grow back in a few weeks.”

Can you even imagine what it’s like to exist without that fear of loss?

Where we’re at right now, if we lose a leg, we have to adapt to a new way of navigating our lives. But for the axolotl, it would be the equivalent of resting up in bed for a few weeks after a virus comes into your life, but instead, you’re regenerating appendage (or a part of your spine, your jaw, or really whatever else may be missing).

Honestly, it’s a bit difficult for me to wrap my brain around that reality. So here’s Animalogic to give us a little background on this seemingly magical animal, and the actual science behind how their impressive resume can even be possible.

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Think about all the possibilities! If scientists are able to figure out how to replicate those cells, what would happen to our medical practices? Could the rejection rate of organ transplants become a non-issue? Or would human to human transplants even be something that continues to be practiced?

The idea of someone regenerating their own arm is a little (okay, a lot) sci-fi for me, but if the axolotl can do it… could we?

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Stay open to possibilities!

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