Let’s face it, it’s rare when we take a moment in our day to pause. It’s even rarer that we take those moments and simply let ourselves experience wonder. Enjoy the awe of ink in motion!

Well today, we are going to give you a short moment to just sit quietly and be awed.

Image: Swirling clouds of colored ink in water colliding with miniatures of planets

Source: Pixabay

The piece we are sharing with you is from a fascinating YouTube Channel called Macro Room. They take a look at our world from a slightly different angle, celebrating the subtle, often under-appreciated beauty in our planet. As they say on their website:

“We’re here to expose the most interesting and amazing things that hide from our eyes and can be seen only with a very high end macro lenses.” 1

We can’t quite put into words why we find this video so mesmerizing, it left us speechless. So, set this video to full screen and let’s dive in…

How is it that something so simple, just ink and water, can be so transfixing?

I’ve shown this to a number of people and asked: “Why this so incredible?” And the response every time has been, “I can’t put it into words!” One stab at a description that I loved, in particular, was, “It’s like watching a ballet, I find it relaxing but I’m excited and anxious to see what will happen next.”

Take a second watch, notice how the colors combine. The way the clouds form and move around the flowers, planets, and city. It really is a dance in its own way.

This pause in your day is actually really beneficial for you!

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A little more wonder…

If you want to see more amazing videos like this one, go check out the Macro Room on YouTube, Facebook or explore their website.

To leave you today, I have a few more suggestions that each reinspire wonder in their own way!

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Stay beautiful & keep laughing!

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