Did you know that there is a circle in almost everything? Or that the universe is mostly “right-handed”? These are just the tipping point of what you can find by studying the world’s wonders through the lens of physics.

And it’s not all that complicated–really! You’ll see when you take a look at today’s EWC video-share! (What ingenious fun!)

Image: At dusk, sparks fly out in radiating circles from under balancing boulders

Source: PxHere

Okay, we get it. Many of us shudder at the mere mention of subjects like physics or advanced mathematics, but what if we had a better teacher: one that could use these complex topics to show us the beauty and symmetry all around us.

And what of the imperfections in our world? Maybe they are just as could be expected given how connected everything is, but physics can be used to see that more clearly too!

We’ve found someone to get us started on that journey: Shixie (Xiangjun Shi). She was graduating from the Rhode Island School of Design in 2013, and her graduation project is a precious little window into a world we may want to know more about. In this following piece, Shixie is pulling back the curtain on the wonder of it all. Enjoy!

Via: Shixie  1

Lovely, huh?

Shixie has gone on to become a design thought leader in Los Angeles, California and you can find more of her work at Shixie.org.

Ever since I saw that video I can’t help but find the circles everywhere and consider the unseen forces that are making everything work! Makes me stand in awe of all that is unseen.

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So now that we have cracked the door open on your curiosity, visit Ever Widening Circles again. We are bringing people all over the world a daily dose of optimism in a world that is really quite amazing!

Stay open and hopeful!

~ Dr. Lynda

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