Have you ever experienced one of those moments of universal awe?

A moment where you and the stranger standing right beside you experience something so remarkable you are both struck to the core of your humanity?

It’s a rare feeling, sometimes brought on by the collective experience of witnessing a great performance, an incredible feat of athleticism, or a stunning view. Of all the ways we come to feel our shared humanity, though, there’s nothing quite like looking up and soaking in the depth and beauty of space.

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The Day the Darkness Brought Us Together

Though the Great American Eclipse has passed, the lessons we learned that day about our greater sense of possibility and connection are something we can pause to celebrate and carry with us!

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Sometimes our shared celestial experiences are fleeting or rare; a shooting star or eclipse. Others can be easily overlooked; the stars on a clear night or the beauty of our moon. Today, we explore the latter, and ask, what happens when we remember to look up a little more?

Here’s the beautiful video from To Scale:

Via: To Scale 1

Those moments that inspire us in a universal, “Oh my god” are so magnificent, they speak to our shared humanity and place in this universe.

“It makes you realize that we are all on a small little planet and we all have the same reaction to the universe we live in.”-Wylie Overstreet

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Look Up! The Importance of Stargazing

What can the night sky teach us about our own humanity? Whether you are looking up through the lights of the big city or surrounded by vast wilderness, stargazing can play an important role in reframing our perspective...

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Sure, each of us is on our own journey, and no, we won’t always agree with one another, but when we put into perspective our place in this solar system and understand how small we all are, those differences are seemingly insignificant. Suddenly, our commonalities come into focus, if only for a second.

We featured another, magnificent video from To Scale last year as they endeavored to lay out the universe to scale. So, if you missed it, make sure you take the time to give it a watch!

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Building the Solar System in the Desert

Some people who look at the world and say "why not?" Meet a group of friends who decided to create the first to scale solar system in the desert of Nevada!

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Stay beautiful & keep laughing!


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