Let’s talk optimists. We all know that someone who is undoubtedly optimistic, but what if we were all secretly optimists?

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It can take a lot of inner strength to wake up in the morning and feel much of a sense of optimism about the state of the world. Even here at the Ever Widening Circles office where our mission is to change the negative dialogue about our world, optimism isn’t always our default mood (I know, it’s surprising, we aren’t dancing around with perpetual smiles on our faces). But even if we could all be optimistic 100% of the time, would that actually be good for the world?

Today, we’re going to take a deeper look into the neuroscience of optimism in an easy to understand (and surprisingly uplifting) way. Here’s PBS Digital Studio’s BrainCraft, with some insights on what a more optimistic world could mean for us all.

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So, not only are our brains naturally optimistic, optimism won’t send us into a spiral of complacency. In fact, it seems we need a little optimism to face our biggest problems!

We know it can be tough to be optimistic about the world, but now, after four years and almost 1,000 articles, the Ever Widening Circles team can tell you that our collective future is bright. People from all corners of the globe are tackling some of our greatest problems, and giving us reason to celebrate a bright tomorrow.

If you need more reasons to be positive, we suggest you check out this great episode of the TED Radio Hour. It will leave you walking a little taller and smiling a little wider.

55 minutes

Why Should We Be Optimistic About Our World?

Looking at the news, it's hard to formulate a reason to think things are actually great and getting better. But here's a podcast that might shift your perspective dramatically! Enjoy!

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Lastly, in the video, she briefly thanked Bill and Melinda Gates for their support, and we shouldn’t overlook linking you to their 2018 Annual Letter. It’s a wonderfully crafted reflection on what the Gates Foundation has accomplished and what they plan on accomplishing in the future. Their approach to the letter is wonderfully real and candid and will leave you feeling optimistic about some of the greatest challenges we face as a global population.

Stay beautiful & keep laughing!


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