There’s so much to be said on the topic of finding LOVE, but mathematics doesn’t usually figure into the poetry. So here’s the question: Should we consider the math when we contemplate finding our soulmate? Is there a code to be cracked?

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After the three video shares we have for you today, we think you’ll agree it’s a good idea to look at this issue with a little more hard data mixed with our emotions. Maybe we can influence serendipity. Just what are the odds that we’ll find that special person who we can trust for eternity? Turns out that mathematics has a lot to teach us about the possibilities. Take a look at this fun circle of thought…

Nice! Good to know! The person for each of us is out there, mathematically!

Applying Mathematics to a New Generation of Dating

We have two more remarkable points of view on this question. Both videos are very funny, inspiring, and full of HUGELY practical advice, so have fun with this!

The first is my personal favorite. This video share has had almost 4 million views. It’s a gem: funny, smart, and actually useful, particularly for those caught up in the new generation of online dating … Here’s How I Hacked Online Dating, by Amy Webb.  She has an interesting website. Check out that link, but first, take a look…

Via: TED 2

Fabulous, huh? We love the sentiments Amy puts forward about being yourself and her strategy for improving the chances of meeting someone who is doing the same. Lovely!

Next up: The Mathematics of Love by Hannah Fry. This one’s another funny speaker who decided to blend pure logic and common-sense with some mathematics. Brilliant work! She too has some great ingredients for improving upon serendipity. Enjoy…

Love it!

There are so many ways to look at this subject.

We hope that we’ve opened up some new windows and doors for you! That’s our goal every day at Ever Widening Circles.

Have a great day!

Stay open, curious and hopeful

~ Dr. Lynda

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