Ever wanted to swim in a Rainbow River?

On this Saturday Around the World on EWC, we discover how Colombia’s Caño Cristales can transform from an apparently normal river into a dazzling array of colors for a small amount of time every year!

The magic behind the “Rainbow River” in the Serrania de la Macarena province of Meta, Colombia, starts with a finicky plant, Macarenia Clavigera. This organism clings to the rocks in fast-moving waters and needs very specific light and water level conditions to mature and finally bloom, but when it does, it transforms this body of water into something truly spectacular.

“The magic of the fragile ecosystem is that it changes every year – with each rainy season the river comes back slightly different from the previous year, with different colors and movement of the riverbed.” 1

Here’s The Weather Channel with more on these specific conditions needed…

How stunning is that?

Atlas Obscura gives us a little more information on why this can only be viewed at a specific time of year:

“During Colombia’s wet season, the water flows too fast and deep, obscuring the bottom of the river and denying the Macarenia clavigera the sun that it needs to turn red. During the dry season there is not enough water to support the dazzling array of life in the river. But for a few weeks from September through November, the river transforms into a veritable living rainbow.” 3

To keep this natural treasure and the delicate plant lives that create it thriving, there are certain environmental protection rules that are firmly enforced. This includes mandatory guides, small groups and a cap on the number of daily visitors, as well as a complete ban on wearing sunscreen or insect repellent when in the vicinity of the river to avoid polluting it. 4

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The world will continue on with its natural beauty as long as we protect these fragile and easily affected areas. Keep yourself open to exploring them and discovering what we can all do to ensure their longevity!

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