The title of world’s fastest animal isn’t held by the cheetah or even a sleek fish. No, this prestigious position belongs to the fast diving Peregrine Falcon.

Lucky for us, these remarkable creatures are more than just fast. In fact, we have found ways to team up with these birds of prey to protect some of our sweetest crops!

So, how fast is fast?

The peregrine falcon has gone through some pretty interesting adaptations which allow them to dive at speeds up to 200mph! I’ll just let Vox explain below:

Via: Vox 1

It wouldn’t be much of a chase if one of these bombers had their sights on you.

Now, how is knowing that the world’s fastest animal is the peregrine falcon at all helpful to the average person?

Well, there are a few businesses teaming up with falcons to help naturally protect a favorite snack of birds everywhere: berries.

Here’s VICE News on how one bird abatement company is making it work…

Via: VICE News  2

When you think about it, nature has had quite a bit of time to evolve and solve many of the problems we come up against. Thankfully, we can tap into this rigorously tested knowledge and develop safer, more sustainable and effective practices by simply observing how the plants, animals, and natural forces around us interact with each other.

In addition to the amazing things being done by the Peregrine Falcon, take a look at what these ducks are up to in South Africa:

5 minutes

Replacing DEET with Ducks?

With help from our friends, we could waddle our way into a healthier future! Lets see how this is happening in parts of our world today...

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Stay open to new possibilities!

– Sam

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