At this point, you’re probably familiar with virtual reality, but what if you could take that experience even further by being able to walk through virtual worlds with your friends and family?

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If you haven’t tried out a virtual reality headset, it is likely you’ve seen somebody else wearing one. While it’s fun to watch your friends and family wear weird eye-gear and spin around in circles, one of the limitations of virtual reality, as we experience it today, is that it’s incredibly isolating.

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It’s difficult to experience it with other people. So, what are the new innovations in virtual reality?

How about a holodeck? At the University of Illinois Chicago, the Electronic Visualization Lab is paving a new direction for the future of virtual reality with the CAVE2, a real life Holodeck!

To acquaint us with this fascinating, advanced technology, we turn to the wonderful YouTube channel, The Good Stuff!

What are the possibilities here?

Beyond the games, how can a technology like this help us to connect with each other, to learn more, and to stay lifelong learners?

Imagine how the holodeck’s advanced technology could completely change the way we teach and inspire children! Or, the remarkable impact being able to explore the world together virtually would be for those unable to physically go out into the world and have those experiences first hand.

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It’s easy to look at new innovations like virtual reality or the CAVE2 and dismiss them as fads, or games. When, in reality, they carry the potential to help us connect with people in new ways. And furthermore, cultivate our compassion for one another, and feed our curiosity.

Technology goes where we take it. So, why not take it in a direction that helps bring us together?

Stay beautiful & keep laughing!


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