What does the soundtrack of your childhood say about you?

Maybe you grew up listening to the “oldies” of your parents, or listening to classics from the musical traditions of your heritage. Perhaps, if you are even more musically inclined, you are a musician.

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Music is one of our most remarkable cultural artifacts. Unlike language, food, or art, with technology almost anybody at any time can experience a slice of another culture in a rich way with a click of a button.

For musical traditions that have been lost or are at risk of being lost, technology is giving us a remarkable outlet to celebrate and restore these cultural gems and keep them alive for generations to come.

Today we are sharing with you a wonderful series from the YouTube channel Great Big Story, called Funk Plus One that celebrates the musicians who are keeping musical traditions alive!

We begin with a look at a traditional way of life that is, perhaps, known by only a few, Hawaii’s Cowboys. A fundamental part of this culture revolves around music, with a wonderful hybrid of traditional Hawaiian and Southwestern United States sounds.

Next up, we meet, Dean Shostak, a musician who is reviving a musical genre and family of instruments that got their start in colonial America and may represent a new future for innovation in music.

Technology gives us an important opportunity to connect with, record, and dive deeply into traditions that are at risk of being lost. With it, we are afforded the opportunity to cross the barriers of time, geography, and even language to appreciate the common chords of connection that run through us all.

19 minutes

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