Have you ever grumbled about spending too much time at the market or grocery store, and forgotten to consider the alternatives?

It’s easy to forget that thousands of years ago we were forced to go out into our environment to forage for food 80% of our waking hours. And this was just to get enough calories to keep our family (and ourselves) alive for that day alone. (That’s like spending 10 hours a day, every day, inside the market!)

How did that change us, and how did acquiring food get so easy and cooking become fun!?

In other words, we ate as we went along, basically barely making it to our next meal, and cooking was not part of the equation… but when we figured that out, that’s when everything became interesting.

And think about it; what did we do before we cooked? How has this now seemingly routine part of our day shaped our lives, our culture, and our biology?

I could explain more, but how about we just get the logic and science behind this from one of the best sources of information on the Internet: PBS’ It’s Okay to be Smart‘s YouTube channel. Take a look:

There are some fascinating pieces to think about in this great video.

Most of us realize, but rarely consider how much the advent of cooking truly changed the human experience. What we eat, when we eat it, how we socialize, and even the way our brain developed have all been shaped by the now everyday task of cooking!

In these remarkable ways and others, cooking changed everything! (It could be so much worse!)


And with that, I gotta go make dinner!

Stay open, curious and hopeful (Good food tends to inspire that!)

~ Dr. Lynda

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