The holidays are a time for tradition, celebration, and for many, a drink or two with friends and family.

In the spirit of raising our glasses to a new year and celebrating the holidays with our EWC readers, we are bringing you a little treat in the form of some of the oldest and quirkiest brews around the world.

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From raising a glass with the brews of the Pharaohs to a sipping wine fermented at the bottom of the Mediterranean, you’re really in for a treat with the video we are sharing today.

To get our holiday season headed in a festive direction and help us celebrate the traditions we hold dear, we bring you this wonderful video from one of our favorite YouTube Channels, Great Big Story, featuring some of the coolest ways people around the world are helping us celebrate!


Raise a glass to the traditions we hold dear!

Maybe we won’t get our hands on one of these brews (or bathe in any of them) before the new year, but we love how the brewmasters featured here are taking traditions sometimes long forgotten and giving them new life.

15 minutes

Keeping Tradition Alive in the Scottish Isles

How do we keep traditions alive in this era? On the isle of Harris, the production of Harris Tweed is breathes life into old ways. Take a journey with us and explore this beautiful culture and the landscape that inspires it!

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Whether you’re sitting down over a pint or a cup of tea this holiday season, it’s nice to reflect on the traditions you hold dear, the rituals that make the holidays, or really any holiday, feel special. What tastes, smells, people, and rituals are your thankful for? What new traditions are you forming?

7 minutes

Thankful for the Little Things

What are you thankful for? Sometimes celebrating the small thing can be the easiest way to spread happiness and appreciate this amazing world!

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We hope we’ve brought you a little joy this season! We’re here to prove it’s still an amazing world, and seeing how many readers feel our content resonates with them and brings them joy certainly proves to us we are headed in the right direction!

So once more, let’s raise a glass to this amazing world and the people who make it possible!



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