“We try to model how artists should lead, not as spokespeople, but as doers.”
– Marika Shaw, Plus 1 Founder and CEO

Turns out, we could all make a difference with just a slight tweak to what we’re already doing. The organization we’re highlighting today works together with what they naturally have: an audience.

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While touring around the world and meeting the community of people that gathered around them, Marika Shaw and her bandmates in Arcade Fire, saw an opportunity to create change in their industry. By adding $1 to each ticket sold, the band and their fans ended up raising two million dollars to build healthcare infrastructure in Haiti. And so, the fundraising organization, Plus 1, was initiated.

“The point is, Plus 1 is simple, it’s effective. Plus 1 is the bridge, the connective tissue between the energy that exists on one side to do good, and the capabilities that exist on the other to actually make the change happen.” – Marika Shaw 1

Here’s a quick intro to the organization pulled from their site…

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This past October, the Ever Widening Circles team had the opportunity to spend a weekend at PopTech and listen to Marika speak about how Plus 1 is connecting artists, communities, and causes to create change!

For more of a back story and a whole lot of inspiration, here’s the talk she gave…

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They’ve had over 70 artists collaborate with them and support various non-profit partners. So far, they’ve raised over four million dollars together! See if one of your favorites has joined in on this change by visiting the community portion of the Plus 1 site!

“We hope that this becomes standard across our industry and beyond so that when you go to a show and you smell that sweat and you feel those feels and you’re in that common community with everyone there, you’ve also got a second thing in common: that your community is not just bearing witness to the show, it’s addressing some of the worlds most pressing problems” – Marika Shaw 4

A community is arguably the most powerful force in our species. When we work together, support each other, and share a common goal, we create a space for momentum to grow.

Let’s make sure that momentum is positive and think, what new, small dimensions could we each bring to our own lives? Could all of us who run a business follow suit and make it a policy that $1 will be tacked onto every sale to give to a non-profit? Could we all spend a few seconds of our day to share something fantastic with our circles of friends?

We have a powerful tool at our fingertips, and if we work it right, messages can land in exactly the hands that they need to in order to make a difference. So, scroll on up to the top of the page and click any of those social media buttons in order to share how awesome you think Plus 1 is with your friends and family!

Everything adds up, just as Plus 1 has shown us!

Stay open to new possibilities!

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“No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it” – Albert Einstein 

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