Are you regularly bypassing videos that show feats of superhuman athleticism because you suspect they are “Photoshopped”? Surely too good to be true, right?

Not all! Take a look at this firsthand report!

Image: A football player about to pass the ball

Source: Pixabay

The video we are sharing with you today shows astounding talent and will bring a smile even if you are not a sports fan. 

And best of all, this is one we can believe! How do we know? Well, remember that 6 degrees of separation theory? The world is smaller than that sometimes: Turns out, that my nephew, AJ Ulrich, knows this amazing athlete. I’ll let AJ tell the story:

The Superhumans Among Us

My name is AJ Ulrich and I’d like to tell you about an extraordinary person I’ve had the pleasure to work with. When I played football for Monmouth College in Monmouth, Illinois, I was the offensive lineman charged with protecting a college quarterback named Alex Tanney. He was an incredible talent and put together the video I’ll share with you today.

Even if you are not a sports or football fan, check this out, because it’s a prime example of the magic that happens when mastery and creativity collide.

Here’s the video Tanney put together during his time at Monmouth College, and he was actually this good!

Tanney’s talents were so unusual that Stan Lee’s Superhumans on The History Channel dedicated a chunk of their show to Tanney, highlighting different feats and better explaining some of the ways he uses his skills. Click here to be brought to the video he was featured in!

Makes one wonder, what are the actual limits of skill and determination? What’s my undiscovered potential? Could all of us have some superhuman abilities we just haven’t tapped into yet?

Have a great day, and don’t forget to take time to share a bit of wonder with others!

  • AJ Ulrich

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AJ Ulrich is a 26-year-old turning heads in the business community in Nashville Tennessee. He is a Mortgage Loan Officer at Farmington Mortgage, a division of CapStar Bank, studied and played football at Monmouth College and grew up in Morris Illinois. He has his pilots license and loves golf and fitness.