Think back to the last time you found yourself feeling really discouraged, or painfully sad. When did things start looking up?

  Did that change start with a small kindness from someone?

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Today we explore how we are all in this together, and that for every disheartening moment of our lives, there may be a bright spot, like a ray of light in the darkness for us to follow. The best examples are found in the small things embedded in our ordinary lives!

In fact, there may be reasons to have hope all around us, but sometimes it seems we’re too down in the dumps to take notice. But once you actually start looking for it, you’ll be able to see hope more often.

It’s a mindset.

Here’s Peta Murchison to point us in the right direction. (Stay with this one even when it’s a challenge for you. She brings this around to something wonderful and beautiful. You will be rewarded by a little transformation at the end!)

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Have you noticed that no feeling lasts forever?

That’s my standard line to myself and others when the chips are down. And you know it’s true! Whether it’s anger, rejection, sorrow, or discouragement: no feeling lasts forever.

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And when we lift our heads to the small kindnesses of others, it’s not hard to just let those feelings pass and to be replaced by greater ones, like gratitude, wonder, and joy.

In fact, have you noticed that the memories of those three (gratitude, wonder, and joy) tend to linger forever? We can conjure up those moments almost instantly with a smell, a song, or even just a moment of quiet contemplation!

I suspect that Peta is pointing to something we all have access to. See what strikes you today as a small wonder; a precious moment with someone, an unexpected kindness.

Stay open, hopeful and curious!

~ Dr. Lynda


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