What if we could hack our biological clock to sleep better, be more productive, and even exercise more efficiently?

Well, this doesn’t need to be a rhetorical question. Not only is it possible, but with a little scientific insight, you can start right now!

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These claims of better sleep, productivity, and health don’t require any diet crazes, herbs, tinctures, or apps, just a simple understanding of our own biological clock. After several thousand years of evolution, our brains have developed some pretty clear patterns,  so why not use these cycles to our advantage?

To help us get better acquainted with our own brains and how we can use this knowledge to start being our best selves, we turn to BrainCraft, a favorite YouTube channel from PBS Digital Studios.

While these numbers aren’t universal, they do give us the opportunity to start testing out what times do work best for us. Having trouble feeling like you aren’t getting your best exercise? Why not try a five o’clock start and experiment a little? Are you doing your most productive work in the afternoon? Why not switch it to the morning?

There’s no one right or wrong way to go about your day. We hope though, that if you have found yourself in a rut at work, or with your health, or even when trying to wake up in the morning, that you are now a little bit more armed to give some experimentation a go!

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Insights into the way our own brains work are not only a great way to engage with science, they also arm us with the ability to make decisions that are both better for us and our health! Sometimes, curiosity can be our greatest remedy.

Stay beautiful & keep laughing!


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