Gravity is a force that influences us from the day of our conception, and yet it is so ubiquitous that we are lost when trying to appreciate it’s influence. That is, until now!

Image: A team of 10 people taking the superman pose, in zero gravity airplane

Source: Zero Gravity

Have you heard about a company called Zero G that offers flights where you can experience weightlessness?

It looks to be the experience of a lifetime, and the wonders to be explored are almost too many to count. So today, we’ll have some fun while learning about a force in nature that affects every aspect of our existence.

It made us consider some metaphors: the fact that there are many forces surreptitiously acting on us, just like gravity. What else is pulling on us, just beyond our awareness? Can we challenge our own intuition to notice them? Let’s uncover a few today as well, and discover them for what they are.

First up, we’ll explore some uncommon wonder with these amazing YouTubers who specialize in pointing us to that in their work every day.

Isn’t that just fascinating?

So if we are falling toward Earth at the same rate as our surroundings, gravity is still pulling us down, but we can no longer feel it because we are diving towards the ground at the same rate as the container we are in.

Hmm. I suspect there’s a metaphor there if we consider how the negative news cycle can be surreptitiously pulling our attitudes down.

Maybe he’s right at the end there: we need to constantly challenge our intuition because we could be more influenced by our surroundings than we realize. Here’s a quote that we might consider when we try to break free from forces like gravity that are constantly pulling us down.

“It is weight that gives meaning to weightlessness…”  – Isamu Noguchi

Something a little perplexing to ponder!

Let’s take an even deeper look with an EWC favorite: PhysicsGirl. (If you have sensitive ears, you may find she uses a few expletives in her enthusiasm.)

So there’s a bit of fun, with a little physics!

And one of the best insights we could take away for ourselves: Epic failures go with epic discoveries.

Let’s go out with a thought-provoking quote by the iconic spaceman, Buzz Aldrin (one of the first two humans to walk on the moon.)

“There is a tremendous, satisfying feeling associated with weightlessness. It’s challenging in the absence of traction or leverage and requires thoughtful readjustment. Returning to Earth brings with it a great sense of heaviness and the need for careful movements.”  -Buzz Aldrin

What if gravity, something that is pulling us down every moment, operates like the 24-hour news cycle on our psyche? What if we are falling right along with the downward spiral and we don’t even realize its weight, pressing down on us?

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Stay open, curious and hopeful with us.

~ Dr. Lynda

Want to continue free falling through wonder?

Here’s a “hidden gem” of an article we wrote about some people who defy gravity by dancing on the side of glass buildings! Yes, you read that right. It’s the most amazing project! Take a look:

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Or how about this extraordinary fellow defying gravity in a another remarkable way!

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Both articles will leave you shaking your head and muttering, along with us, “It’s still an amazing world!”


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