“To truly laugh, you must be able to take your pain, and play with it.” – Charlie Chaplin

When some of us conjure up the image of a clown, we’re met with feelings of unease. Understandable, seeing as their image has been rolled around in negativity for years. But did you know that their origins are in uncovering joy? So, why are we afraid of them?

If you think about it, we’re all clowns of sorts: stumbling around making fools of ourselves, yet trying to cover it up as if it never happened. These creative individuals we’re featuring today are able to just express it all and allow us the freedom to laugh at ourselves.

With all of our learned fear towards clowns, the true art form has been forgotten (or avoided) by many. 1 So today, we aren’t looking at those horror film versions. Instead, we’re getting the chance to peek into the lives of people who breathe the true essence of clowning in their performances and release us from whatever may be happening in our own worlds, if only for a few moments.

Who knows, maybe we could all find some relief by taking this step back from our own realities!

This documentary, brought to us by the American Theatre Wing, gives us the chance to hear the experiences from these performers who are able to reach across cultural barriers and give us a look into our lives. It’s a beautiful piece. Enjoy!

There’s a bit more to the world of clowning than we may have thought, yeah?

So, congratulations for taking a moment to learn the truth behind the makeup!  Here’s to hoping we can all move forward with this insight, and use it to reshape our experiences with whatever may be causing us unease. It seems that the more we learn about a subject, the less intimidating it can become.

To see an amazing article that turns fear into a wise friend, check out this one that contains one of the best TED Talks we have ever come across:

17 minutes

What Fear Can Teach Us About the Stories We Tell Ourselves

DO NOT MISS THIS! If you are turning your back on all the fear and malice in the news media these days, this TED Talk is a really fun and "game-changing" insight! (We use it almost every day)

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If you’re feeling that pull from fear and anxiety, I’d suggest taking a peek at this following article from Business Insider, chocked-full of ways to help put our minds at ease. You can visit the article by clicking here!

*Now, if you’re walking by a sewer drain and a clown is inside of it beckoning you to follow them, I really wouldn’t recommend doing that. Listen to your fear in that situation… please.

Stay open to new possibilities and happiness may stay nearby!

  • Sam

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