Have you thought about how travel can bring out both the best and the worst in us… and how we have the power to choose?

What if traveling, even to the neighboring town, could help us become a better version of ourselves?

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Here’s a snippet from the Book of Life’s introduction on Travel. See if it resonates a little:

“At its deepest level, travel can assist us with our psychological education. It can – when approached the right way – play a critical role in helping us to grow into better versions of our normal selves. When it corrects the imbalances and immaturities of our natures, travel reveals its full potential to function as a form of therapy in our lives.” 1

Whether we’re heading out on a big trip or simply going to the market, when we try to muscle through getting from point A to point B as quickly as possible, we may just miss out on the most uplifting parts of our experience. So, how could we become more conscious in our travels both near and far?

The School of Life has a rather entertaining way of helping us rethink our focus when embarking on these journeys. Press play!

This simple shift in focus could help us grow to see our world, and ourselves, in all its amazing glory.

“A man travels the world over in search of what he needs
and returns home to find it” — George A. Moore 4

Interesting thought, right? So, what could taking a moment to fully acknowledge what we’re craving internally bring to our travels? It doesn’t need to be anything super profound!  Just ask yourself, “what do I want to add to my life? How could stepping into this new place provide that? How will I be affected when I return home?” Then, could that work trip or the journey to the market actually turn into something meaningful?

And there you have it, a free way to get the most out of every journey you take!

You can read the complete written version of the introduction to Travel as Therapy from the Book of Life by clicking here! It comes complete with more insights and even a list of recommended destinations to put your mind at ease! And see more amazing work from the creative mind of Sophie Koko Gate by visiting her website!

What we find on those journeys could be surprising.


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