“You can only stay depressed for so long. There’s really no other option than to take what you have and do something with it.”
– Jason Barnes

Image: Young drummer with prosthetic hand holding drumsticks

Source: Lwp Kommunikáció // Flickr

Finding what we love and maintaining it’s presence in our lives can prove to be a continuously testing battle, so what do we do when it’s threatened? Do we give up on our dreams, or do we adapt?

Jason Barnes is one of those lucky ones who fell into his passion at a young age, but in 2012, all his hope for a career in music was taken away by an electric surge. That’s where Gil Weinberg, a musician and professor from Georgia Tech, came in, and with the help of his students, the possibilities in Jason’s life were wildly expanded.  Thanks to The Atlantic, we can take a look into this life-altering innovation…

Via: The Atlantic  1“The Cyborg Drummer.” Vimeo. The Atlantic, 15 Oct. 2015. Web. 20 Sept. 2017. <https://vimeo.com/142558788>. 2
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Our lives can change in an instant. You won’t see it coming (it’s tricky that way). In one moment we could lose everything that makes us who we think we are, but if we work it right, that event we saw as destructive can help us rewrite our future in ways we could have never imagined.

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We’re all lucky enough to be living in an age where we have pieces of technology rapidly being created in the name of improving our quality of life. It’s got our back, we just need to know that these possibilities exist!

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