There’s more wonder in a simple deck of cards than most of us could ever imagine!

Do you see a tribe of creative people inspiring each other, pushing each other to explore new things, and giving others the space to learn from failure?

Most of us probably see a mundane deck of 52 pieces of card stock, perhaps decorated with some kind of generic pattern on the back and your standard card faces. For a select group of creative and inventive individuals, though, that deck of cards is a medium for an endless number of artistic possibilities.

Welcome to the enchanting world of cardistry, the incredible art form of card flourishing. This isn’t card magic, but a remarkable form of performance.

The best introduction to cardistry is by watching masters at work. So to get us started today, we begin with a wonderful video from Great Big Story featuring Dan and Dave Buck, arguably two of cardistry’s most influential modern figures.

 Want Even More?

If we’ve got you hooked, (I certainly was after watching this first video) we have one more piece to share with you that I think speaks to the power of cardistry not just as an art form, but as a means of finding community.

Cardists are found across the world, connecting primarily via the internet to create a global community of artists. In 2014, Dan and Dave hosted the first Cardistry-Con, an event tailored specifically to cardists, bringing people in from around the globe and giving them a place to meet and exchange ideas in person.

This unique environment of experimentation, idea sharing, and community was captured in a short but beautiful documentary from Erudite Pictures. I believe it exemplifies perfectly how wonderful the power of community can be.

There’s no substitute for finding your “tribe”. The people that inspire you, push you to explore new things, and give you the space to learn from failure. For the many failures of social media, these platforms have allowed us to connect more deeply and more readily with collaborators from around the world in ways that have transformed our ability to innovate and collaborate.

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Cardistry is just one of so many marvelous art forms that have blossomed as a result of the internet. We are in a golden age when it comes to the collaborative possibilities enabled by our access to a world of knowledge and expertise. And that’s certainly something worth celebrating!

Stay beautiful & keep laughing!


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